If you have knowledge of a suspected, planned, or openly voiced targeted act of violence, call 911 immediately.

When a person is planning an act of targeted violence, they usually exhibit pre-attack behaviors – many of which relate to an emotional or mental health crisis or problematic interpersonal interactions – which can be resolved with intervention.

By bringing concerning behavior to the attention of ROCTAC, individuals skilled in targeted violence prevention, will assess and manage the situation. Many times, this work results in guiding a person away from a path of violence.

You should contact ROCTAC to report a threat if a classmate, co-worker, partner, family member, friend, or neighbor is demonstrating concerning behavior such as:

  • Noticeably changed interpersonal interactions
  • Physical aggression
  • Recklessness
  • Violent media usage
  • Changes in hygiene
  • Impulsivity
  • Sudden or inappropriate interest in firearms or incendiary devices

Report a threat by calling 585-753-4881 or by completing our referral form. If you choose, you can remain anonymous. Information shared is confidential.

You can reach ROCTAC by phone or email by visiting our secured, confidential contact page.