How ROCTAC Works To Keep Monroe County Safe

When individuals posing a potential threat are reported to ROCTAC, action is taken to assess the level of threat, and if necessary, determine an appropriate response to manage the threat.

ROCTAC members rely on proven intervention techniques to eliminate or mitigate potential threats. Many times, this course of action connects referred individuals with appropriate mental health support services. 

ROCTAC’s ability to prevent acts of targeted violence relies on referrals from people – the eyes and ears of our schools, businesses, neighborhoods, and families – to help identify potential threats.

Critical Intervention & Support

National data indicates that acts of targeted violence frequently are carried out by individuals experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis. In many cases, if the individual receives support, they will not follow through with planned or targeted acts of violence.

It is during this critical, pre-attack period that ROCTAC’s action can help guide individuals away from a path of violence.

ROCTAC’s skilled professionals and team members are trained on how to identify and assess individuals demonstrating concerning behaviors, as well as how to connect them to the appropriate support services and resources.

ROCTAC does not perform law enforcement activities. Our focus is on intervention and prevention.

Through the course of our work, ROCTAC consults with law enforcement organizations. However, our mission of targeted violence prevention prioritizes restorative engagement of persons identified as a potential threat to avert acts of violence. 

You can reach ROCTAC by phone or email by visiting our secured, confidential contact page.