The evolving national landscape of targeted violence and mass shootings prompted Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter to call for the formation of ROCTAC, an active network of corporations, schools and colleges social service agencies, mental health professionals, and local and federal law enforcement.

Working together in partnership, ROCTAC’s single mission is to prevent targeted violence in Monroe County.

ROCTAC’s work is collaborative and involves active participation by a diverse team of trained representatives from businesses, law enforcement, schools, mental health professionals, and social service agencies focused on targeted violence prevention. 

Early intervention is the cornerstone to preventing acts of violence.

What is Targeted Violence?

Targeted violence is premeditated violence and is usually directed at a specific individual, group, or location. A perpetrator of targeted violence is typically responding to a perceived grievance or acting on behalf of a particular ideology.

Targeted violence is different from impulsive, reactive, or emotional acts of violence. Some examples of targeted violence are school shootings, workplace violence, domestic violence, stalking, and terrorist attacks.

You can reach ROCTAC by phone or email by visiting our secured, confidential contact page.